History: Mineral Wells
A New JourneyBegins

In 1877, James Alvis Lynch, his family and 50 head of livestock left Denison, Texas and headed west for a drier climate and a relief from malaria. Both James Lynch and his wife, Armanda, suffered from rheumatism. When the family received news of Comanche attacks further west, they decided to settle where they were Рin a valley tucked among the hills of Palo Pinto County. Although the location the Lynch family settled in was beautiful, it was four miles from the only water source, the Brazos River. By the summer of 1880, a well-driller agreed to drill a well in exchange for some of the Lynch family’s oxen. At first, the taste of the water worried the family, so they watered their livestock with it. Soon after, the family began to drink from the well, and they found they were feeling better. News of the healing waters spread quickly and neighbors began drinking from the well. Within months, hundreds of strangers were arriving to the Lynch property inquiring about the water. With the popularity of the water spreading, the town of Mineral Wells was formed in the fall of 1881, with Mr. Lynch naming himself the first mayor.