History: The Mineral Water
Something's in theWater

Several water wells were drilled soon after Mineral Wells was established, with the most famous at the time being the Crazy Well. The well received its name from a story told about an elderly lady who drank water from the Crazy Well twice a day and overcame her mental illness. In Mineral Wells, most of the water wells contain a significant amount of lithium, which is used in the treatment of various mental and mood disorders. In the early 1900s, stories of Mineral Wells’ healing waters brought visitors from around the world and, shortly after, bathhouses, drinking pavilions and spas began to open. The trains that brought in the visitors also helped the mineral water companies distribute their products outside of Mineral Wells. During the Great Depression, mineral water companies suffered due to the luxurious nature of the product and travel costs, however, The Baker Hotel flourished, drawing in guests – from the local to the notable – throughout the bleak years.