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The Baker Hotel opens two weeks after the great stock market crash

1930s 1940s 1950s

The hotel, with its 460 rooms, two suites, two complete spas, an outdoor Olympic-sized swimming pool and famous Cloud Room, serves as a playground for celebrities, famous musicians, cattle barons, political leaders and, reportedly, even the bank robbers, Bonnie and Clyde. The fully air-conditioned hotel also hosts actor Clark Gable, singer Judy Garland and, even, President Ronald Reagan.


T. B. Baker retires and leaves the hotel to his nephew, Earl Baker, who operates the hotel until he turns 70


The Baker Hotel closes its doors – but not for long


A group of civic leaders reopen the hotel for a handful of years, but little profit leaves them with little choice but to close


The Baker Hotel closes


Laird A. Fairchild and Chad Patton begin efforts to renovate The Baker Hotel, reimagining the resort as The Baker Hotel and Spa


The development team announces and begins the historical restoration of The Baker Hotel and Spa, a three-year, $65 million renovation endeavor to return The Grand Old Lady of Mineral Wells to her former glory, reigniting the hotel as well as the town of Mineral Wells